Our Impact

DREAM! impacts over 5,000 students, educators, support staff and parents annually offering:


  • Experiential Restorative Practice training and Coaching for Teachers, Support Staff and Parents
  • Experiential Peer Mediation training & sustainability support
  • Professional Developments and coaching for Teachers, Administration and Support Staff on supporting the schools restorative culture shift
  • Parent trainings on using mediation and restorative practices in the home



our school's statistics show

  • Our “Safety with Dignity” program offers Restorative Practice training with a focus on the implementation of practical tools, followed by 1 on 1 and small group coaching.
  • Our training tools are used to increase classroom engagement, decrease conflict in the classroom and promote healthy relationship building.
  • Our training tools and coaching increase Teacher and Principal effectiveness.
  • We specialize in training and coaching the discipline team (Dean and support staff) to support the schools culture shift from punitive to restorative discipline.
    • International Community High School
    • Year 1 - a 63% reduction of school suspensions
    • Year 2 - a 78% reduction of school suspensions
    • Both the Principal and the Dean credits reduction to the implementation of DREAM!’s restorative practice trainings and coaching.
    • Steady decline in both Principal and Superintendent suspensions in schools we have served since 2016-17 school year
    • Highest decline - 75%
    • Lowest decline - 18.42%
    • Average decline - 51.09% reduction overall
  • Through our Parent Action Committee (New Settlement Houses) partnership we trained 250 school safety agents in restorative discipline.
  • We include the students in the schools culture shift through Peer Mediation trainings and youth led conflict resolution events.
  • Our Mediation trainings are experiential and engaging for youth and adults
  • Our Peer Mediation trainings are followed up by a weekly “Talk It Out” campaign club to assure sustainability of the program.
    • We’ve reached over 16,000 students with our Peer Mediation trainings, conflict resolution skills training and live play “Aint Easy”.
    • We have impacted 5,000 students and 374 Teachers in the 2017-2018 school year
  • We believe in the power of community. We train the parents of our Peer Mediators on conflict resolution skills and Restorative Practices for the home.
  • For the schools that are shifting their cultures from Punitive to Restorative, we train their parents on practical uses of Restorative Practices for the home.
  • Our “Lens for Change” media & arts programs links arts learning, literacy and conflict resolution to social change.
  • Young leaders learn and practice conflict resolution skills by way of producing media and arts projects.
  • 76% of youth who enter Lens for Change at The COVE (see partnerships) in their freshman year of high school remain until they graduate.
  • “Lens for Change” serves 125 youth annually.



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